The Forestry Program Prioritization Committee (FPPC) was formed through Council Board resolution in 2006.  The mandate of the Committee is to oversee the dispersal of forestry related program funding for the Cree Nation according to the parameters set out in two separate agreements with Quebec. Accordingly Council/Board passed Bylaw 2005-83: Forestry Enhancement Program in 2006, which established two separate forestry funding programs: Cree Traditional Activities Enhancement Program and Volet II Program (Forest Resource Development Program—Component II)

The FPPC’s mandate is to oversee the financial distributions of these two programs to be sure that they are in accordance with the criteria as set out by the GCCEI/CRA agreements with Quebec. 

The FPPC accomplishes its mandate by reviewing each project as they are submitted and then forwarding its recommendations to the Council/Board Executive for approval.  Current members of the FPPC are:

Alfred Loon
Isaac Voyageur
Kenneth Gilpin
Matthew Swallow
Ashley Iserhoff
Non voting advisors:

Jimmy Iserhoff
Geoff Quaile
Jean-Sebastien Clement

Matthew Longchap serves as the Forestry Programs Coordinator responsible for working with locally appointed officers whose job is to advise and assist the trappers with project design, application submission and any follow-up monitoring that may be necessary.  Matthew Longchap is assisted by Abel Neeposh who conducts verification monitoring.

The local officers are:

Waswanipi                              Jeremy and John Jolly
Waskaganish                          Wayne Cheezo
Ouje-Bougoumou                  Arthur Bosum
Nemaska                                 Matthew Tanoush
Mistissini                                 Ronald Blackned